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Featured Projects

Much of our code is scattered across this very site, Github, Launchpad and our universities or employers’ own repositories. The projects listed on this page have in common that they were started, and are maintained (except for archive), by one of us.

  • Arduide

    A Qt-based IDE for the open-source Arduino electronics prototyping platform. It is an attempt to provide an alternative to the original Java IDE. It is faster and provides more features for experienced developers.

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  • Sandbox Utils

    A collection of utilities for accessing resources from within a Linux userland sandbox, through DBus. Currently just a few experimental hacks on top of GTK+, and launching helpers.

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  • PPassKeeper

    A modular library which lets you use your favorite password keeper(s) through a simple cross-platform API. Works with GNOME and KDE, among others. Third-party developers can write their own plugin.

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  • Activity Finder

    A collection of hooks in Linux libraries and desktop environments that collects data about multitasking habits and file access patterns.

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Contributions to External Projects

Below are a list of projects on which we made, or are currently making, a contribution. These projects are run by others, and we merely use this space to advertise the Free and Open Source Software that we modestly participated in making.

  • Exaile

    Steve contributed many bug fixes and a couple features for the release of Exaile 3.0, as part of Exaile being adopted as the default media player of Xubuntu 9.10.

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  • Nouveau: FLOSS NVIDIA GPU driver

    Martin contributes mostly on improving Power Management in the Open Source driver for NVIDIA GPUs. It led him to getting involved with the foundation and he got elected in their board of directors in 2013.

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  • Xubuntu

    Back in 2009, Steve joined the Xubuntu dev team for a little over a release cycle. He contributed processes to ease the selection of default desktop apps. He also participated to the development of upstream apps, Xubuntu artwork with the Shimmer Project, and wrote Xfce4-Volumed with the help of Xfce folks.

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Archive - Unmaintained Software

  • Archinit

    Arch’s initscripts done written in C++ to decrease boot time. Archinit is obsolescent and available only for the curiosity of hackers.

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  • Gaze-Tracking Project

    The Gaze-Tracking Project was meant to create a scientific tool to analyse Graphical User Interface (GUI) using a gaze tracker.

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  • RezTorrent

    RezTorrent is a simplistic command-line BitTorrent client, implementing the original protocol, and UPnP / NAT-PnP peer discovery. RezTorrent has a very lightweight memory footprint and few dependencies.

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  • SODA Collision Detection

    A prototype of scalable, anticipative collision detection running on distributed systems. Not entirely developed and not functional for production purposes. Developed for Inria/IRISA VR4i.

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  • SyNeMA

    The System and Network Monitoring Application is a security sensor aggregator developed at ENSI of Bourges by a class of first-year students. It displays security alerts from many sensors under the form of graphic charts, so that a large number of machines can be quickly watched on one display. Steve was the lead developer for Synema.

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  • Xfce4-Volumed

    A daemon that manages your keyboard’s volume keys and displays volume change notifications. Designed to work with the Xfce4 sound mixer and GStreamer. Code hosted on Xfce’s Git.

    Maintainer wanted!

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