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Life in Finland

Hey everyone, long time no sign of life!

I have been quite busy at Intel, helping here and there on mesa, the kernel or the X-server. I have however recently been focusing on the testing side of the Graphics Stack and got my testing project on Freedesktop (EzBench) which I also presented at XDC2015(LWN recap), FOSDEM 2016 and XDC2016 (which I organized in Helsinki with Tuomo Ryynänen from Haaga-Helia Pasila).

On my personal time, I am still on the board of directors of the X.Org Foundation, helping mostly with the Google Summer of Code, the transition to SPI and communication on Google+. I have kept working on Nouveau, mostly with Karol Herbst for power management and we made quite a few improvements thanks to his dedication! I have also been way more social than during my PhD and decided to pick up languages again. I have mostly been studying Finnish though, which is… insanely difficult to pick up properly! I tried on my own for a few months and then gave up and decided to go back to the university to study. I first had a 1-month intensive course and then followed by 3 normal semesters. I am now at a point where I have a good grasp on the language but would require a lot more work on actually using it! This part is the hardest since Finns usually speak a perfect english almost everywhere.

Life in Finland is really sweet. People are clean and very respectful. Nature is present all around but so is technology! Indeed, 4G coverage is almost perfect even on the country side, so much that a group of colleagues and I have been using it to broadcast live cycling events on Youtube (yours truly would be on the back of a motorbike with a camera). I also got involved a lot in the CouchSurfing community and I am now co-hosting the Helsinki weekly meetups where I met amazing Finns and foreigners alike.

I also used some of my spare time to roam nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia) and hunt for northern lights in Sweden.

That’s all, folks!