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MùPù Will Change Its Server

If you are often visiting, you may have noticed some down times. These are in general due to problems with one single weakness of the current dedicated server we use, the fact that / is stored on a distant hdd accessed through the network. Also, we were short of memory which lead us to some serious memory optimisation, sacrificing some services for the common good.
At the moment, we are using OVH’s RPS1(fr).

As a replacement, I had been wondering whether to use the cloud or to go for a really expensive dedicated server. Both had pitfalls and I couldn’t decide what to do.

Then, OVH launched a new kind of dedicated server, just 3€ more expensive than the RPS1 we already had. This new server is called Kimsufi 250G(fr) and we have decided to go for it!


What are the differences between the RPS and the kimsufi?

  • HDD: comes from distant to local and from 10 to 250GB!
  • RAM: comes from 512MB to 2GB!
  • Backup: comes from my personal computer to on-site 100GB

This will fix the two biggest issues we had:

  • the lack of RAM
  • the stability issues we had using the RPS


We plan to migrate services from the RPS to the Kimsufi one by one using DNS redirections and setting the RPS as read-only when migrating a service.
You shouldn’t experience too much problems with this migration.


Feel free to leave suggestions/questions concerning this migration.