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MùPù V2 - Home Page, Photo Galleries and Videos, CV, Portfolio and Research Wiki Fun!

Last week was a vacation week for the members of MùPù This is why we had time to work on the website and to push more than 80 commits.

Here is a list of the changes we made!

I - Home Page

We though the news page was too messy and not clear enough. This is why Denis proposed and did a Home page.

II - Photo galleries and Videos

We were lacking features for showing pictures and videos.

The video support came using a markdown video extension.

The gallery support was not previously existing and we had to write it from scratch. We will release it soon.

You can see the galleries and the videos in action on my portfolio.

III - CV & Portfolio

Well, you’ve just read it, we implemented CV and portfolio supports.

You’ll find them on the home page or in the contact.

IV - Research Wiki

The research category used to be an extension of the blog articles. Denis has worked on making it wiki-based and it works quite well.

This category is still empty but it should catch up some good articles soon :)