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Project: Arduino IDE

Early this month I haven’t been very productive in the open source world, mostly because of the university projects and the exams that followed. Now it’s over I’ve decided to take the time to fix that, and it’s a pleasure to be finally able to get back to FOSS development, and my electronics hobby ;)

So today I’m proud to announce the fruit of my efforts, and a new project. As many Linux users, I love to make my computer workspace as efficient as possible, even if it represents more work than just doing it :)

For beginners, the Arduino is a powerful microcontroller board which is attractive for its low price and Linux-friendlyness. My Arduino IDE is an alternative to the Java IDE from the official SDK package. Its main advantages are:

  • it’s fast;
  • provides good edition features;
  • includes a documentation browser and examples.

"Arduino IDE"

This code is beta quality and even if it has its advantages it does not yet feature everything the official IDE can provide. Windows and Mac compatibility are still on my TODO list and I would like to fix that before a real release. When I consider it good enough I plan to extend it with some more advanced features, like serial communication and a debugger. Any suggestions are welcome (and a more original name as well) :)

"Arduino IDE"

You can get the source on the project’s git page. To get started, you will need cmake, grantlee-git and the Arduino SDK. When you have the code, you will need to build with the following commands:

# mkdir build &&  cd build
# cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..
# make

And finally run it with ./arduino. Enjoy :)