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Hello there,

Writing this (superb) blog post in order to present me, since I seem to have settled in that wonderful octopus cave. This is my first blog, and it’s weird to think about the incredibly high amount of people who will praise those lines (means me, when checking for typos).

So, who am I ? As most of you will have already guessed, I’m Steve Dodier-Lazaro. Really. And Steve Dodier-Lazaro appears to be a 20 years old computer science student (at the ENSIB, just like The Octopus himself), slightly geeky.

This blog is meant to mostly speak about FLOSS, but as I am a very disciplined person, you shall also expect it to talk about kittens, politics, or even worse, my personal life. But since it is primarily about FLOSS, let’s at least have a look at my main areas of concern in this field.

That shall include Xubuntu, the Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution for XFCE users, to which I contribute in various ways, but also XFCE itself (because it rocks just as much as its logo), Exaile (the coolest of all music players), the Ayatana project (wait, what the fuck is that ? You don’t know yet ? Well, that’s a shame), and possibly other projects which developers I decided to fed up. :)

Keep in touch.